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Friday, June 2, 2017

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New Partnership with Whaleshares

Today Steem Factory announces a partnership with Whaleshares.

Incentivize Whales to Vote for your Content

The goal of Whaleshares (WS) is to help content creators earn by incentivizing whales to vote on their content. For example, Alice, a content creator on Steemit, wants to earn a higher reward by attracting an upvote from a whale. She sees Ned, a whale, who is participating in the Whaleshares project.

Alice buys some WHALESHARE tokens from the Bitshares DEX. She creates a post on Steemit and goes to http://Whaleshares.net and generates a memo code. Finally, she sends the WHALESHARE tokens via the Bitshares DEX to Ned along with a code that identifies her post on Steemit.com in the memo section.

Ned receives the WHALESHARE tokens and then upvotes Alice’s Steemit post. Alice post earns a higher rewards because Ned the whale has upvoted it. Ned benefits because he does not have to power down his Steem to earn income.

Take a look at the following sequence diagram.

Created with Raphaƫl 2.1.2AliceAliceSteemit.comSteemit.comWhaleshares.netWhaleshares.netBitsharesBitsharesNedNedWrites a post (Steemit URL)Select upvote typeInputs Steemit Post URLCopy Memo CodeSends WHALESHARE Token to Whale (Puts code from previous step in Memo field)Deposit WHALESHAREVotes on Alice's post

Steem Factory Supporters

Leave a comment if you plan on using the Whaleshares service. Steem Factory believes this is another tool to help the Steem community grow their rewards and SteemPower.

Shout out to Fuzzy and TheWalrus

The Whaleshares project is the brain child of Fuzzy and developed by TheWalrus. These guys rock!

Thanks @steemfactory

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