Where Should The 99 Percent Shop Online?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

In the world of social media and electronic commerce, there are a slew of companies out there which cater to particular niches.  Their goal is to provide the user base with value.  Often the value being provided is based on content created by you.  I think this bears repeating.  Often the value being provided is based on content created by you.  

Let me list a couple of such companies: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and What's App, just to name a few.  Some may argue that there is nothing wrong with entrepreneurs identifying a need and providing a product or service to meet the need.  I agree.  However, it would be better if the users of these company's products or services would profit as the revenue reaches certain thresholds or the company is acquired.  

For example, what if donors of the Oculus Rift project, that began on Kickstarter, would have earned a payout/dividend/bonus when Facebook purchased Oculus for $2 Billion.  The initial donors helped fund the project which was instrumental to bringing the Oculus Rift to production.  This created value in which Facebook ultimately benefited from.  What did the donors receive?  Some received an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset.  Others received a complimentary gift or T-Shirt.  Really, a T-Shirt...

MainStreetShares.com (MSS) is different in this regard.  In the event of an acquisition, the community will be rewarded for the value they helped to create.  MSS represent a new era in community based entrepreneurship.  This type of partnership, if adopted by other companies, can normalize the wealth distribution and allow the 99 percent to participate, thus leveling the economic playing field.  MainStreetShares is the vision of CEO Vince Martin.  With the recent launch of the site, he and his team are now working relentlessly to bring this vision to fruition.

Now where should the 99 Percent shop online?  The answer is pretty easy; MainStreetShares.com. Join me and turn your online shopping into a potential investment!

Disclaimer:  I am a member of MainStreetShares.com and my affiliate link is http://mss.me/mpair.  

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