College Cryptocurrency Network and Folding Coin Proposal

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I listened to the Epicenter Bitcoin podcast where students have formed the College Cryptocurrency Network (CNC).  Director of Student Outreach, Jacob Sears, and Creative Director, Dean Masley are leading this organization as they seek to educate and advocate the virtues of cryptocurrencies.   They are reaching hundred of college campuses across North America.  I think it world be great collaboration between CNC and FoldingCoin (FLDC).  The possibility of FLDC becoming the standard coin for this organization would be a great opportunity.

Epicenter Bitcoin - College Cryptocurrency Network Podcast

To learn more about the College Cryptocurrency Network, check out their site.

Please support Epicenter Bitcoin.  They provide great content. - They combine the incentive structure of a cryptocurrency coupled with research of protein folding to find cures for diseases.  If you have some old GPUs not being used, sign up and mine for a cure with FoldingCoin.

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