Can you swim? I can and do at the Family Pools

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Can you swim?  I can.  I learned to swim at an early age but I could not tread water.  I later learned how to tread water while in the Air Force.  My friend 'Pitts' taught me by encouraging to stay calm.  I had a fear of the water.  I could swim from one side of the pool to the other, however, I'd never stopped in the middle.   He told me to stay right beside the ledge of the pool while he demonstrated the leg and arm motions for treading.  As I started, he encouraged me to stay calm and told me once I got tired to hold my breathe and
go down to the bottom of the pool and push off the bottom and return to the surface.  I did that and learned not to panic.  That's when I could 'really' swim.

That was a good story however, I want to discuss swimming in another type of pool.  Some of you know I've have become crypto currency enthusiast.  Specifically, I have built a computer that I use for mining.  For those of you that don't know what mining is, let me present an analogy.  Remember when you were a kid and you played a game of Concentration.  This is a card based game that a player will place the card face down and flip over one card and note its number.  The player would then select a second card and turns it over to see if it matches the first card.  If it does, the player keeps the cards and repeats the process.  If the card the second doesn't match the first one, both cards are flipped back face down and a subsequent player the gets a chance to select the cards to find a match.  Mining works similarly to this game because a software program is trying to find a match to a problem.   Once a match (block) is found you are given some coins as a reward.  So that is a simplistic analogy.  

Now back to my discussion on swimming.  As a crypto currency miner, if I combine my efforts of mining with other miners we can collectively find reward quicker that I could if I mined by myself (solo mining).  This collective mining is called pool mining.  If anyone in the pool finds a reward, every one that is mining (swimming) collectively will share the reward proportionality.  For example, If 10 people in the pool are mining and particular miner finds a reward and the reward amount is 10 coins.  Each miner in the pool will receive 1 each.

So when I swim, oh I mean mine, I do so at the family of pools.  Recently, they have released a new pool for the Megacoin crypto currency.  In an effort the attract new miners, they are offering .01 BTC reward for the first 10 blocks (rewards) found.  

If you have any questions, about crypto currency, mining, and digital currencies,  leave me comments below.
Happy Swimming (mining)!

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