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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Over the last few months, I have been mining crypto currencies.  Namely, Feathercoin, ProtoShares, Stablecoin, Noirbits, and Dogecoin.  On Nov 5, I started mining ProtoShares, a crypto currency started by Invicutus Innovations.  This proof of work based coin can only be mined with your CPU (sorry GPU and ASIC).  Initially, I started mining on my desktop and then I mined using a cloud based solution from Digitial Ocean utilizing their Linux Ubuntu option.  I continued to use the clould mining solution for a few weeks until the difficulty increased dramatically.   I wanted to continue mining Protoshares, but my old desktop machine needed upgrading to mine more effectively.  Therefore, I purchased the following components:
I use the Ypool mining pool to mine Protoshares along with their custom jhprotominer-yvg1900 miner.  I use the Bulldozer m512 version with the following options -t 7 (threads) and the -F 26 (fine tune) and this configuration yields me about 200 collisions/min.  I also mine on my quad core laptop and it produces about 45 collisions/min (m512 -t 3 -F 11).

This same desktop has 2 GPUs (7870 XT and XFX 7950) that I use to simultaneously mine Feathercoin, Stablecoin, Noirbits, or Dogecoin.  All of these are scrypt based coins and I currently get about 950 KH/s when mining.  I use mining pools when mining these coins.  For Feathercoin, I use the Nut Nut Pools.  I use Crytpoculture Pools when mining Stablecoin, Noirbits and Dogecoin.

Disclaimer:  The Amazon and Digital Ocean links include my referral code.

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