I Received My First Bitcoin Tip. I'm So Excited.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yesterday, I received my first bitcoin tip (donation).  It came from DJ Leo, the Official Bitcoin DJ, who I met through Adam B. Levine of Letstalkbitcoin.com.  We had emailed each other back and forth a few times.  Yesterday, we were sharing our passion for music and I told him that I had created a few (Scratch) DJ videos.  I shared the videos with him and he said that he liked them.  We chatted a bit longer and concluded our conversation.   Later that evening, I checked my email and discovered that I had received a bitcoin tip from DJ Leo.  I was extremely excited and thanked him.  I truly was grateful.

Some of you may be wondering 'What is the big deal?'. Well let me explain.  I watched a presentation by Adam B. Levine entitled 'YouTube is Broken: Rethinking Content Monetization with Bitcoin' from the  2013 Bitcoin conference.  Adam discussed several issues faced by content creators and the nature of content monetization as a whole.  As a content creator, I could completely identify with his points.  Then he discussed how bitcoin could be used by content creators to help support their particular passion.  Specially, he is explained how to integrate biticon tips with a user's content.  I thought this was a brilliant idea and I immediately added a QR Code and attached my bitcoin address to all my posts.  See below for an example.

So yesterday when DJ Leo gave me a bitcoin tip, it became a strategy that was validated.  As a result, I  sent a bitcoin tip to Adam for creating content that was beneficial to me.

If you are an artist, musician, poet, journalist, photographer, blogger, etc... and publish your art on the Internet, I suggest that you integrate bitcoin into your content publishing strategy.  Now when you receive your first bitcoin tip, you may be just as excited as I was!

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