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Monday, May 27, 2013

In a previous post, I discussed my experience as I purchased my first Bitcoin.  Now I'd like to discuss an invaluable educational resource on the topic of Bitcoin.  It is a website called Let'sTalkBitcoin.com which offers a bi-weekly podcast on all things Bitcoin.  The host of the show is Adam B. Levine along with co-hosts, Stephanie Murphy and Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

I started listening to the podcast at episode 4 (currently at episode 10).  I've learned a great deal about other crypto-currencies based off of Bitcoin referred to as altcoin (any other non-Bitcoin currency) and BitCoin Exchanges.  The podcast features interviews from others in the Bitcoin community that offer expert opinions on matters that are beneficial and potentially harmful to the Bitcoin ecosystem.  Stephanie and Adreas provide different and unique perspectives based on their varied backgrounds.  Also, each of them have other Bitcoin related projects that they are involved with.

It was through this podcast that I learned about the Bitcoin 2013 Conference, Erik Voorhees, and the potential impact of FinCEN (US Gov't agency against money laundering) on BitCoin.  Finally, those of you who are content producers (bloggers, journalists, musicians, videographers), I would encourage you to check out Adam's talk at the Bitcoin 2013 Conference entitled, 'YouTube is Broken, Rethinking Content Monetization with Bitcoin'.  This is just an example of the type of quality content this podcast provides.


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