Life: My CEO has more passion than yours.

Monday, February 25, 2013

My CEO, Vince Martin of has passion and is on a mission.  I was inspired after reading his post.  He speaks about the current economic state for a large number of Americans.   Many are feeling left out and left behind as the 'Capitalistic' train continues to roll down the track.  The train carries the privileged to their destination while bypassing the masses that contributed to building the train. Wealth transformation is real. The middle class is getting squeezed, and the poor are becoming even poorer.  Contrast this with the number of corporations that have record profits and tremendous cash reserves on their balance sheets.  There is a huge economic disconnect occurring...  Hold on a second, I just got a tweet that I need to respond to.  That brings me to the use of social media in our daily lives.

In this age of social media, we are sharing aspects of our lives and many companies are benefiting as a result.  Just think about it, 'How are you benefiting economically each time you share something in cyberspace?'  Before social media, word of mouth was some of the best advertising a company could hope for.  A satisfied customer would champion the cause on the company's behalf and tell a family member, friend, or co-worker about a specific product or service they purchased.

Today, technology has afforded us the benefit of reaching a wider audience to become 'Influencers' to many people that we have never met.  For example, you purchased an item from an online retailer and left a positive review about the product purchased and the service you received.  Your review will be used to encourage others to purchase this product based on your recommendation.  That's powerful....   But, did you get compensated for your review?  Should you expect to?  I think you should.  Technology also has ushered in electronic commerce and billions of products and services are purchased each day.

Many of you have made an online purchase in the last month or two.  If you did, did the company give you cash back?  Why not?  If you didn't get cash back it was because you didn't ask for it.  Let me repeat this again.  If you didn't get cash back it was because you didn't ask for it.  Again, why haven't you asked for it?You probably didn't ask because you didn't know to ask.  My CEO, Mr. Martin is the person to ask and he can get if for you.  He gets his members cash back for purchases from many retailers that you use all the time.  Once he gets cash back, he passes the majority of it on to you.  Over five years ago, I asked him to get cash back for me and he has return over $3000 to me for online purchases that I have made from retailers.  Retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Turbo-Tax, and GoDaddy; just to name a few.  So, join the BigCrumbs revolution and have a CEO that cares for you, working for you.  I did mention that he was passionate, didn't I?

Click this link to Ask Mr. Martin for cash back.

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