Trade Log

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

AAPL - still holding, looking a big push with earnings report on Feb 25, 2012.

JOY - sold the previous Apr Call 82/100 spread for a $.80 loss.  Recently, purchased a Jul 77.5/90 Call Spread for $4.88.  I bought back the short leg (90 strike) for 7.50.  Holding the 77.5 strike with a $1.40 trailing stop.

NFLX - today I purchased a Mar 80/110 strangle for $10.60.  Looking for a substantial move in either direction.  I had a hard time initiating this trade.

AEG - stock has moved up aggressively to the $5.10 mark; the highest level in 3 months.  I sold a bit at $4.80 area.  I may sell more it this run loses steam and starts to reverse.

AMT - still holding.

PLM - I should have added to position at the $1.00 mark, but I got scared.

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