Long Term Investing

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I've been primarily thinking about trading for the past couple of years and have failed to observe long term investing. I used to be a fundamental investor and now I feel a need to return to this approach. I plan on using both approaches (technical and fundamental).

I need to look for investment ideas based on observation. Where can I find ideas? I remember,
Peter Lynch used to observe trends by watching his family shop. I could start by looking at trends. How about looking at the manufacturers of products that I use?

Hmmm.... Here are some questions and statements to think about to focus my attention:

What products are the kids using?
What technology is everyone using?
What trends are happening globally?
Where are we in the economic cycle?
Are we in the midst of a revolutionary shift (Agricultural->Industrial->Technological->Informational)?
What about natural resource consumption? Are specific resources in abundance or scarce?
Look at the news?
Have any new laws affecting specific industries?
What commercials are being shown in heavy rotation?
Don't under estimate a business because I don't believe in the product or service (Chipotle, Crocs, Lululemon). Investigate. Look at sales, earnings, eps, debt, and cash flow (use better-investing).

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